• advice on selection of type of advertising
  • compositional placement in relation to architectonic design of buildings, etc.
  • elaboration of studies, visualisation of how future advertisements will look
  • arrangement of required permits for placement of advertising signs and elements
  • elaboration of full projects, static calculations, electrical review reports


  • lighted and unlighted large-size advertising signs
  • 3D - logos, signs, writing – lighted, lit-up, underlit and unlighted - exterior and interior lighted boxes , in various shapesforms and sizes
  • informational and orientation signage for hotels, banks, retail premises, office buildings
  • company signs and hanging plates of various shapes and sizes
  • engraved logos and company names on quality metals (brass, duralumin, aluminium) or imitation metals
  • plotter-drawn writing and symbols on self-adhesive film and their application to display windows, cars, etc.
  • exhibition graphics
  • interior and exterior promotional stands made from metal and plastic
  • stands, standing boards and holders for desks, hanging (acrylate, perspex, comatex)


depending on form of product and placement location, installation is done from rigging, raised platform, tall crane, or by using mountaineering equipment or even helicopter


we provide a 36-month warranty on all our products for material and colour durability, and a 6-month warranty for electrical parts


in addition to warranty and post-warranty service, we also provide maintenance services, comprising the cleaning, polishing and conservation and replacement of faulty parts