Backlit advertisements

Backlit advertisements are a very good advertising solution because they address the customer even during the nighttime hours.

A very good advertising solution, as they make your company visible even during the nighttime hours. The latest trend is advertisements backlit with LED-diode technology, which guarantees great light intensity, long life and, last but not least, a great savings of electrical energy. A less expensive alternative is advertising boards lighted with the use of halogen lights.

We offer you lighted advertisements of unlimited shapes and sizes from the design up through installation, which is handled by our qualified workers. We will gladly advise even with those hard to reach places. We have a lot of experience with installations on high buildings for which the help of a helicopter is required. With lower buildings and pylons we utilize cranes and scaffolding.

The quality of our products is confirmed by the many advertisements we have managed to place in surrounding countries, where we have been able to establish ourselves in difficult competitive environments.